4 Simple Nail Art Looks for July 4th 2017

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Hello lovely readers! This year I am back with 4 simple nail art looks to celebrate the 4th of July weekend with family and friends.

Look 1: Stars and stripes vinyl manicure
This simple mani features the traditional stars and stripes. You will need some nail vinyls and red, white, and blue nail polish.

Polishes: Dia*, Rojo*, and Azul* by Moonflower Polish (reviewed here)
Tools: Stars and straight line vinyls; makeup sponge applicator
Finish: Glossy

 Stars and stripes nail vinyl manicure for the Fourth of July
Stars and stripes nail vinyl manicure

Look 2: Reversed waterfall manicure
This simple mani is a play on the stars and stripe theme of the Fourth of July. Minimal tools are required for this look.

Polishes: Chelsea Porcelain*  by Londontown USA (reviewed here); Waverly*, Chyna, and Cosmo by Zoya (reviewed here)
Tools: Striping brush
Finish: Glossy

Red, white, and blue reversed waterfall manicure for the fourth of july
Red, white, and blue reversed waterfall manicure

Look 3: Patriotic glitter over blue ombre
The blue ombre adds depth to this easy glitter manicure.

Polishes: 'Murica by Funky FingersBonna Blue by Fresh PaintsAzul* by Moonflower Polish (reviewed here)
Tools: Makeup sponge applicator
Finish: Glossy

Patriotic glitter over a blue ombre for the Fourth of July
Patriotic glitter over a blue ombre

Look 4: Stars and stripes stamped manicure
This is another version of the traditional stars and stripes. In addition to some red, white, and blue nail polish, you will need a stamper and a stamping plate with stripes and stars.

Polishes: Flor de Maga* and Calles del Viejo San Juan* by Moonflower Polish (reviewed here); Dia* by Moonflower Polish (reviewed here); Ride or Die by Vapor Lacquer (reviewed here)
Tools: Ejiuba Christmas stamping plate; magnifying clear stamper from Baroness X
Finish: Glossy

Stars and stripes nail stamped manicure

If you are celebrating this weekend, I hope these simple nail art looks inspire you to create your own patriotic nails!

**These products were originally sent to me for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. I didn't even do one patriotic manicure!

  2. Whoa! I have that exact waterfall mani (with the same colors!) on my blog two years ago. Weird.

    1. It wasn't my intention! I've seen this simple mani done over and over again and don't know who the credit goes to.

  3. I love them all but especially the Stars and Stripes stamped mani! Beautiful!

  4. All of these are awesome! I only did one Patriotic Mani this year and I usually do several.

  5. I only did 1 myself, will post tomorrow (may not do a blog post for it), but I really love your #4! The double stamping gets me every time.

  6. These are great designs! I don't know that I'll get a design on my nails for tomorrow.

  7. Great manis. I'm wearing a sparkly blue from Inglot to get close to Independence Day but nothing as pretty as yours.

  8. I totally didn't do a 4th of July manicure this year! But I am really feeling your reverse waterfall mani!

  9. Gorgeous manis! I have not done a single 4th mani, and I have bright purple on now so its not looking promising. LOL

  10. I am loving that last mani! You really got creative with these.

  11. I love that waterfall mani! Gorgeous. Happy 4th!

  12. I like those manis! Which did you end up wearing today?

  13. All of these look fantastic! I think I like the waterfalls and the stars and stripes best.

  14. All of these are so awesome! I think the last one is my favorite, love the silver in there. :)

  15. 4 beautiful nail art looks, I hope you had a lovely 4th of july x