Indie Swatch and Review - Ride or Die by Vapid.

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovely readers!  Today I have swatches of Ride or Die by Vapid. This is polish available exclusively for a limited time to members of the Facebook group Vapicorns. Continue reading after the jump for my swatches and review of Ride or Die

Ride or Die is an ultra linear holographic multichrome polish. It shifts from a bluish silver to a subtle purple to copper. The purple shift is best appreciated outdoors. 

The formula is fantastic. It is opaque is just one coat and self-levels beautifully. For the swatches below, I used 2 coats plus a glossy top coat. 

nail polish swatch of ride or die by vapid lacquer
Ride or Die by Vapid.

Overall, I love this polish and rank it among my top 10 favorites from 2016. Did you get this polish or are you a find of Vapid

Make sure to join Vapicorns for future exclusive offerings. 

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  1. I sadly missed this polish :( Very pretty on you.

  2. It's a beautiful polish and great swatches!

  3. This polish is really pretty but not quite my taste. It looks amazing on you!

  4. Oh my gawsh that looks amazing! I put my blinders on during that sale and I wish I wouldn't have haha!

  5. It's so beautiful! I love it more and more each time. Your swatches are awesome!