Mainstream swatch and review - Swarovski TRENDS nail art crystals

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Hello lovely readers. Today I am reviewing the TRENDS nail art crystals from Swarovski.

If you are wondering, I am indeed referring to the same Swarovski brand that has been at the forefront of fine crystal embellishments since 1895.

The Swarovski nail crystals come in 3 different themes: CLASSICS, NEUTRALS, and TRENDS. Each theme offers 3 different design motifs. The newest addition to the Swarovski nail embellishments are 3 shades of Crystal Pixies: Cute Mood, Deluxe Rush, and Rock Shock. Today I am reviewing one of the TRENDS theme.

TRENDS - Silver, amethyst, rose, and peridot

This motif  offers 48 crystals: 14 silver squares and 34 round crystals in amethyst, rose, and peridot. Although the packaging contains clear and easy-to-follow instructions for how to use with nail glue or gel polish, all Swarovski nail crystals can be used on natural nails over regular or gel polish or over artificial nails.

How to use - natural nails

For natural nails, starts with applying your regular nail polish and top coat and wait for your manicure to be completely dry.

While your nail polish dries, use a pair of tweezers to remove the desired crystals from the sticky backing. Pick up your crystal with a pair of tweezers, a wax pencil, or a rhinestone picking tool and apply a dab of top coat on the back (flat part) of the crystal.

Finally, place the crystal onto the nail to complete your manicure. You can apply a thin coat of top coat to seal your crystal. Alternatively, you can use nail glue to extend the wear of your manicure. However, nail glue may cause some damage to natural nails if the crystal is not removed carefully.

Design inspirations

The packaging offers several designs in case you need a little inspiration, but there really is no limit to your imagination. You can create create 1 or 2 accent nails or bling out all 10 nails in a number of combinations.

Below are Swarovski designs and 2 of my original designs showcasing the crystals in full manicures.

Swarovski design inspiration from the packaging
Original nail art design featuring round amethyst and peridot Swarovski nail crystals,  Green Apple by Bettina, Bonne Journee by Rescue Beauty Lounge, and nail vinyls.
Original nail art design featuring round amethyst and peridot Swarovski nail crystals,
Green Apple by Bettina, Bonne Journee by Rescue Beauty Lounge, and nail vinyls.  
Original nail art design featuring square Swarovski nail crystals,  Ride or Die by Vapid., Cutie Patootie by Serious Cosmetics, and nail vinyls
Original nail art design featuring square Swarovski nail crystals,
Ride or Die by Vapid., Cutie Patootie by Serious 
Cosmetics, and nail vinyls.

Overall, I love these crystals. If you are a fan of Swarovski crystal and you love to add embellishments to your manicures, then the new Swarovski nail crystals are for you. 

For more inspiration, visit These and the rest of the Swarovski nail crystal designs are available at Sally Beauty and retail for $8.99 US. 

Items have been sent to me for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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