Indie Swatch and Review - No One Elsa but You by DIFFERENT Dimension

Hello readers! Today I'm sharing my swatch of No One Elsa but You by 3-free indie maker DIFFERENT Dimension.

Swatch and review of No One Elsa but You nail polish by Different Dimension

Indie Swatch and Review - Gingerbread House by Polish Addict Nail Color

Hello readers! Today I'm reviewing Gingerbread House by 5-free indie maker Polish Addict Nail Color (PANC).
Swatch of gingerbread house nail polish by polish addict nail color PANC

Indie Swatch and Review - Supernova (Holo) by Starrily

Hi readers! Today I'm sharing swatches and review of Supernova (Holo) by 5-free indie polish maker Starrily.
 Swatch and review of Supernova Holo nail polish by Starrily

Swatch and Review - Orly Holiday 2014 Sparkle Collection

Hello readers!  As I mentioned in my previous post, I will try to catch up and share swatches of some 2014 Holiday collections I enjoyed and did not have time to post until now. The 6-piece collection below is Sparkle by Orly.

swatches of orly sparkle nail polish collection

Indie Swatch and Review - Bear Pawlish Supernatural With Bonus New Year's Nail Art!

My dear readers,

    Sorry I was missing in action last month! I, however, have some 2014 Holiday collections and a lot of indie swatches that I hope to share with you this month. I'm starting off with Supernatural by 5-free indie polish maker Bear Pawlish.

Swatch and Review of Supernatural Nail Polish by Bear Pawlish