Indie Swatch and Review - Creepin' It Real Halloween 2017 Trio From Different Dimension

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Hello lovely readers! Returning to the blog is indie polish maker Different Dimension with the Creepin' It Real Halloween 2017 Trio.

Creepin' It Real Halloween 2017 Trio from indie maker Different Dimension

Manic Beauty Monday - LUSH Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar

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Hello lovely readers! I am back with another installment of Manic Beauty Monday with my review of LUSH's Goth Fairy shimmer bar.

Indie Swatch and Review - Del Mar and Del Sol Limited Edition Duo from Moonflower Polish

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Hello lovely readers!  Today I am sharing a very special duo from 5-free indie polish maker Moonflower Polish. Continue to read to learn about the inspiration behind the duo and how your purchase can help aid the residents of Puerto Rico affected by this year's Category 5 Hurricane Maria. 

Mainstream Swatch and Review - O.P.I Infinite Shine Iceland Collection (Part I)

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Hello lovely readers. I received the new O.P.I Infinite Shine Iceland collection for Fall/Winter 2017 from PreenMe and O.P.I as part of the #PreenMeVIP program. Today I will be featuring six polishes. 

Swatches of OPI Infinite Shine nail polishes from the Iceland Collection for Fall and Winter 2017