Step-by-Step Nail Art Thursday - Floral Design over Smooshed Manicure

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Hello lovely readers!  Today I am back with another nail art edition. This manicure combines two simple techniques to create a unique custom look.

I started with two coats of a pale rose creme. For this manicure I used Hollywood Hills by Cult Cosmetics.

Hollywood Hill by Cult Cosmetics

Smooch Layer
Creating a smooshed effect is messy, but nonetheless, very easy. One way of doing this is by adding a few drops of your chosen nail polishes onto a small piece of Saran wrap (plastic paper) and blotting it over your base. Another way of doing this is by using a nail polish stamper instead of Saran wrap. Whichever way you chose, I recommend you use a protective barrier like liquid latex for easy an easy clean up.

I used several shades of pinks for my smoosh layer. Shown here are Hollywood Hills and Hermosa Beach by Cult Cosmetics and Sheer Delight by Barielle.

Pink smooshed manicure

Floral Layer
For the floral design, I went with some abstract pink flowers with green leaves and stems. I limited the design to my index and ring nail (the smoosh layer is too pretty to cover it all up!).

You can create this look with any nail polish you already own or with acrylic paint. I chose to use the Rainbow Cremes* from Moonflower Polish (reviewed here).  Tip for using nail polish: use a few drops of nail polish thinner to reconstitute your nail polish, as nail polish dries faster than acrylic paint.

Macro of hand painted floral design

The Final Look
I finished off the look with a layer of a fast drying glossy top coat.

Hand painted floral design over smooched base

hand painted floral nail design art over a pink smooched manicure

I hope you enjoyed this look and thank you very much for visiting!

These products were originally sent to me free of charged for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. So cute! These techniques look so good together!

  2. These are really pretty and the smoosh turned out very nicely!

  3. That is such a pretty base for the floral art!

  4. Wow this is beautiful! I need to try this, I love that the background looks so complex - and it's a fun smoosh layer (although I think your blog auto corrected it to smooch...made me pucker). :)

  5. So beautiful! You nails that smoosh mani.

  6. Smoosh base is just the best base for nail art!

  7. What you did with the smoosh is just beautiful!

  8. I tried a smooshed once. I wasn't sure if I did it right or maybe the colors were too close or maybe because I did it I just thought it was a fail. but I didn't get too far after I saw my blob

  9. I need to practice smooshy mani's more and I end up blending the colours to much and it looks a mess! Yours is stunning x

  10. It's crazy, this doesn't even look like a smooshy mani, it looks like you deliberately painted it all on. It's gorgeous!