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Hello lovely readers! Today I am reviewing the Color Clutch nail polish case. Polishes featured are not included!
review of the Color Clutch nail polish storage case in black

The Color Clutch is a nail polish case designed by founder Katherine Contag. The case is available in black (shown here) and white, with gold letterpress labeling. A Jamberry special edition with white labeling is also currently available.

Color Clutch features a patent-pending foam technology that allows for polish bottles to be securely stored. The case itself is pretty sturdy, can be stored upright, and stores up to 14 bottles of nearly any nail polish brand. It also has a slim profile (2" wide) and a secured magnetic closure.

Another feature is the side-panel color code for swatching all 14 stored polishes. You can use acetone to remove a swatch; however, I do not recommend using pure acetone as it will remove the gold labeling. Also, you may not want to swatch any polishes with glitter or flakes, as these are harder to remove.

review of the Color Clutch nail polish storage case in black
Color Clutch case in black

Side-panel polish swatch code

video of the Color Clutch nail polish storage case in black
Color Clutch storage and closure

Suggested uses
I've been doing all of my vacation traveling via car this summer, and I've brought the Color Clutch along for each trip. I've stored my base coat, my top coat, and an additional 12 polishes to play with while on the road.

However, the case is not limited to long trips. I've used the case to move polish collections that I'm in the middle of swatch and reviewing from one room to another.

Last, the clear lid allows you to display your polish bottles as art. As a collector, I love being able to have some of my favorite polishes in display or temporarily stored until I get a chance to enjoy them otherwise.

The Color Clutch can fit pretty much any mainstream polish brand. Rectangular bottles (eg, Butter London) need to be stored with the narrower end against the foam vs flat. Some other bottles may be a bit too small and may not be too secured (eg, Essence Cosmetics). All other bottles are stored normally.

Below is the Color Clutch storing bottles from several mainstream brands.

Brands stored: Zoya, Color CLub, Cover Girl (XL Nail Gel),
and Wet n' Wild (Megalast)

Brands stored: Wet n' Wild (Megalast), Revlon, Orly, and China Glaze

Brands stored: OPI, Sally Hansen (Insta-Dry), SinfulColors, and Essie

Brands stored: Sally Hansen (Big Primer), Seche Vite,
Sally Hansen (Xtreme Wear), OPI

Overall, I'm loving my Color Clutch. It has come in handy when traveling and it stores some of my polishes on rotation while at home.

The Color Clutch retails for $19.99 US and is available at

Thanks for reading!

The product featured here was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. I love the idea of Color Clutch. Sometimes you just want to show off your favorite shades, or pick out a collection for vacation.

  2. I never thought to use this for traveling, I only thought of it as a storage option and thought I would need 38975178956891 of these, lol!!! I love the idea of using it for trips!!!

  3. I love how this protects polish! What a great idea to store swatch piles!

  4. I would LOVE to own this. I'm going to Virginia in a couple weeks to visit my BFF and this would be the perfect solution to my travel problems.

  5. I love the idea of this and once upon a time I could have gotten away with 1 or 2. Unfortunately when you have hundreds of polishes it's not feasible. But one or two for favorites would be great.

  6. This would be fantastic for traveling. Great review.

  7. I need one! I also hope they make one for lipsticks, and foundations!

  8. Color Clutch is a really cool idea. I saw one a friend had and I was like oooooooh, touch the pretties! Because it's so attractive and nice. Much better than the plastics I keep my polishes in, especially while traveling. I also like the suggestions that Renu has.

  9. You guys are killing me with these posts. I need one.

  10. THis looks really helpful especially for travelling x