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Nail Art - Stamped Designs Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

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Hello lovely readers! I was inspired by the new Morgan Taylor collection to create Beauty and the Beast-inspired nail looks. I have three easy looks that mostly require good stamping tools and polishes.

I love stamping and it's my go-to technique when I'm in the mood for nail art but don't have time for vinyls or for a freehand design.

However, stamping can sometimes be daunting and intimidating. I sure felt like this when I first tried it out. Therefore, I decided to design three easy looks inspired by The beauty and the Beast to show you that stamping can be easy when using the right tools!

Antiqued Baroque
This look was inspired by Beast's baroque-style castle and Enchanted Patina, the special effect top coat from Morgan Taylor.

Base nail polishes: Enchanted Patina from Morgan Taylor and Bermuda Coral* from Aurora Cosmetics
Stamping polishes: Dia* and Noche* from Moonflower Polish
Stamper: clear stamper from Baroness X
Stamping plate: Fashioniste 07 plate from Moyou London
Top coat polish: OPI matte top coat (applied over a fast drying top coat)

The Enchanted Belle
For this next look, I combined Belle's iconic yellow ballgown with the Enchanted Rose. A touch of Penny Talk by Essie softens the red and ties it in with the yellow.

Base nail polish: Days in the Sun from Morgan Taylor 
Stamping polishes: Rojo* from Moonflower Polish and Penny Talk from Essie
Stamper: soft stamper from Fab Ur Nails
Stamping plate: The Pro 07 plate from Moyou London
Top coat polish: Tonic Topper* quick drying top coat

Nail Art - Stamped Designs Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

The Enchanted Rose
Not much ambiguity with this look either! This mani represents the Enchanted Rose that serves as the countdown to Beast' cure from Enchantress' spell. 

Base nail polish: The Last Petal from Morgan Taylor 
Stamping polishes: Dia and Noche* from Moonflower Polish
Stamper: clear stamper from Baroness X
Stamping plate: Encore SE02 plate from Pueen
Top coat polish: Tonic Topper* quick drying top coat

Nail Art - Stamped Designs Inspired by Beauty and the Beast

If you are new to stamping, if you are frustrated because you can't get the hang of it, or if you have been stamping for some time and you are ready to upgrade your tools, then consider some of the products featured in this post. Having the right tools are the foundation of a beautiful stamped manicure.

The products featured here are available from the following sites:

Aurora Cosmetics (Polishes reviewed here)
Baroness X
Moonflower Polish (Rainbow Cremes collection of 5-free stamping polishes reviewed here)
Morgan Taylor (The Beauty and the Beast Spring 2017 collection reviewed here)
Moyou London
Tonic Polish

I hope you enjoyed these stamped Beauty and the Beast nail art looks and thanks for visiting!

*These products were previously provided for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I love the look you created for The Enchanted Rose - something about The Last Petal makes me drool. I love a wine colored polish. :)

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