Mainstream Swatch and Review - New Orleans 2016 Collection by OPI

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovely readers! Today I'm reviewing 6 polishes from the New Orleans 2016 collection by OPI

New Orleans is one of several collections released by OPI in Spring 2016. It is comprised of 8 cremes and 4 shimmers. Today I'm reviewing 3 shimmers (Show Us Your Tips, Let Me Bayou a Drink, and Humidity-Tea) and 3 cremes (Spare me a French Quarter, She's a Bad Muffuletta, and I'm Sooo Swamped!). 

All 3 shimmers had a very consistent formula, which unfortunately was not of my liking. The shimmer makes the polish a bit thick, resulting in a patchy application. It is best to give ample time in between coats, otherwise you will overwork the polish as you try to end up with leveled coats. On the other hand, all 3 cremes self-leveled and were opaque in just 2 coats.

Now let's take a look at the polishes, shall we?

Show Us Your Tips

This polish is a periwinkle shimmer. Shown are 3 coats plus top coat. 
nail polish swatch of show us your tips by opi
Show Us Your Tips by OPI

Let Me Bayou a Drink

This polish is a crisp, powdery pink shimmer. I love this classy shade and I think it looks great on its own or on a traditional French manicure. The shimmer in this one is very subtle and impossible to capture with my camera. Shown are 3 coats plus top coat. 
nail polish swatch of let me bayou a drink by opi
Let Me Bayou a Drink


This polish is a bronze nude shimmer. This is the type of shade that looks gorgeous against tanned skin. Shown below are 3 coats plus top coat. 
nail polish swatch of humidi-tea by opi
Humidi-Tea by OPI

Spare me a French Quarter

This polish is described by OPI as a raspberry shade créme. Shown are 2 coats plus top coat. 
nail polish swatch of spare me a french quarter by opi
Spare Me a French Quarter by OPI

She's a Bad Muffuletta

This polish is neon(ish) coral red créme. I love how bright this one is! Shown are 2 coats plus top coat. 
nail polish swatch of she's a bad muffuletta
She's a Bad Muffuletta by OPI

I'm Sooo Swamped

This green créme is what I like to describe as Kermit the Frog green! Shown are 2 coats plus top coat. 
nail polish swatch of I'm Sooo Swamped by opi
I'm Sooo Swamped by OPI

Overall, I was a bit underwhelmed by this collection (including all 12 polishes) since I did not think it appeared new or unique. She's a Bad Muffuletta is the standout, in my opinion. It's a nice twist on the mandatory OPI red and the formula is very nice. Also, I was not the biggest fan of the formulas for Humidi-Tea and Spare me a French Quarter, but I love the shades and I will probably wear them again.

This collection is available at Ulta and other national beauty retailers. Did you grab some of these polishes or are you planning on doing so? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Great swatches. I just loved the shade spare me a french quarter

  2. I do love Show Us Your Tips, though I agree there isn't much here that's really unique - I blame the indie market for that :P

  3. Great swatches! I'm not really a fan of OPI, but you made them look good!

  4. OOhhhhhhh I spy a few shades I totally NEED ASAP. I am loving Show Us Your Tips and let me Bayou a Drink. Both shades are gorgeous and totally perfect. Thanks for sharing.. Now off to Ulta I go. lol

  5. Lovely swatches. My fave is probably "Im so Swamped". Love the bright hue.
    Great review!

  6. Show Us Your Tips is gorgeous. That's one I'd love to wear and hopefully will.

  7. Nice swatches. I think I'll pick up She's a Bad Mufalatta.

  8. Humidity-Tea is a lovely neutral for you

  9. I love the blue and green!!!!! I'm sooo Swamped is perfect for summer! <3

  10. Spare Me is beautiful on you! Love your swatches.

  11. I love your swatches! I've been seeing these polishes all over the place but I've yet to own one. Muffaletta's my favorite!

  12. Beautiful swatches. I only picked up show us your tips from this collection and I love it.

  13. I really liked this collection. Even though OPI's releases aren't always super unique, the formulas are always spot-on and they are a great refresher for my collection every spring and fall!

  14. I have been lusting after this collection, especially Humidy-Tea. Your swatches are so impeccable!

  15. I seriously love this collection

  16. All of these colors are gorgeous!! My fave has to be Spare Me a French Quarter.

  17. I found the collection as a whole a bit underwhelming as well. Show Us Your Tips was the only one I got - I do love that one though, even though I have to do 3 coats.

  18. I was a tad disappointed with this collection, but it did have some gems likr show us your tips. Lovely swatches!