Mainstream Swatch and Review - The Finishing Touch Collection by SinfulColors

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovely readers! My last review of 2015 is The Finishing Touch collection released for Holiday 2015 by SinfulColors.

As usual, the collection is comprised of polishes alongside new releases. This collection is comprised of a total of 26 polishes, one of which is exclusive to Walgreens (Silver Crush). Today I am reviewing the 7 polishes that are new releases: Silver Crush, Twilight Twinkles, Flake Out, Star Studded, Velvet Ribbon, Touch of Class, and SuperNova

Silver Crush
This topper features silver shards and bar glitters in a clear base. The glitter payoff was very good. Shown below is one coat over Endless Blue by SinfulColors plus top coat.

Silver Crush by SinfulColors

 Star Studded

This topper is packed opalescent micro flakies, gold microshimmer, gold hex glitter in various sizes, and silver stars. The glitter payoff is great. Shown below is one coat over Black on Black by SinfulColors plus top coat.

Star Studded by SinfulColors


This polish is a delicate metallic rose shimmer with copper and gold microshimmer. It is very reminiscent of Worth a Pretty Penne by OPI. Both have great formulas as well. Shown below is one coat plus top coat.
SuperNova by SinfulColors

Twilight Twinkles
This topper features gold shards and bar glitters in a clear base. The glitter payoff was very good. Shown below is one coat over Noveau Purple by SinfulColors plus top coat.

Twilight Twinkles by SinfulColors

Flake Out
This topper features blue hex glitters, snowflakes glitters, and blue and silver microshimmer in a clear base. I had to fish out the snowflakes but the rest of the glitter was fine. Shown below is one coat over Firefly by Fresh Paint.
Flake Out by SinfulColors

Velvet Ribbon
This red polish is packed with opalescent microshimmer, which gives it a bit of a texture. The formula goes on smoothly and self-levels from the first coat. Shown below are 2 coats plus top coat.

Velvet Ribbon by SinfulColors

Touch of Class
This metallic shimmer is a soft silver color that features a beautiful purple microshimmer. This microshimmer hasn’t been able to translate onto the nails when featured in other polishes this year. This is not the case with Touch of Class. Unfortunately, my camera was not able to pick it up, but trust me, it is there! Shown below are 2 easy coats plus top coat.

Touch of Class by SinfulColors

Overall, I love this collection. My standout has to be Star Studded. I feel OPI tried to give us several versions of this polish in 2015 but was not able to deliver. Star Studded has a lot going on, but all elements still complement each other. I will wear this again without the star-shaped glitter.
So what are your thoughts on this collection? Did you pick any for yourself? Feel free to comment below and stay tuned for more reviews in 2016!

Thank you very much for reading!!!! 

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  1. Love these, bought many of them when I first saw the display...was thinking of Star Studded for NYE mani!

  2. These are great. I love Sinful Colors but I've had to slow down on buying them, as most are still untried.

  3. I just adore Velvet Ribbon. It was my favorite from the collection.

  4. Velvet Ribbon is the standout here for me. I love a good red! I've gone off toppers a bit lately, so it's hard for me to love a collection with so many.

  5. Velvet Ribbon looks super pretty.