LacquerExpression's Top 5 Indie Polish Picks (As of Right Now!)

Hello there lovely readers!  For today's blog post, I teamed up with 29 fellow nail polish enthusiasts and bloggers to share our top 5 indie polish picks! This was not easy, but I managed to stay on task and complete the selections!

All polishes purchased by me

I narrowed down my choices by picking polishes that were worn as full-coverage, polishes that I used within the past 6 months, and polishes that are still available for purchase. Below are my picks in alphabetical order:

Babewatch by Delush Polish

Collection/Release: Life's a Beach/Summer 2015
Description: pink neon crelly with blue glitter in various sizes and shapes; semi-matte finish
Application: opaque in 1-2 coats without white base coat
Purchase Info: Listed for $8.95 at
My Original Review: Babewatch

Peek A Boo! by Bear Pawlish

Collection/Release: 2014 (I think!)
Description: shocking pink creme with a medium linear holographic effect
Application:  opaque in 2 easy coats
Purchase Info: Listed for $10.00 at (restocks on July 3rd, 2015!)
My Original Review: Peek a Boo!

Pumped Pink by ShineSpark

Collection/Release: 80's Kids/ Spring 2015
Description: neon pink creme with subtle shimmer
Application: opaque in 2 easy coats without a white base coat
Purchase Info: reformulated for water marbling; listed for $8.00 at
My Original Review: Pumped Pink

Ultima by Starrily 

Collection/Release: 2014 (again, I think so!)
Description: ultra shiny holographic silver glitter topper
Application: opaque in 2-3 coats over a clear base coat; textured finish when dry
Purchase Info: listed for $13.00 at

What in Carnation? by Cupcake Polish

Collection/Release: Full Bloom/ Spring 2015
Description: teal creme with medium linear holographic effect
Application: opaque in 1-2 easy coats
Purchase Info: Listed for $13.00 at
My Original Review: What in Carnation?

And there you have it! Do you own any of these? If so, do you love them as much as I do?

Don't forget to check out the blogs from the wonderful ladies below for more fantastic indie polish picks and to stay tuned for more of our top 5 picks! Finally, I would like to end this special blog post by thanking Karen over at for bringing us all together!

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  1. I own Pumped Pink. It's great!! What in Carnation? is gorgeous!

    1. Pumped Pink has one of my favorite neon cremes formula and I'm curious about the newly reformulated one!

  2. I love all of your picks. They're fabulous!

    1. Thanks! Some of them did not make the list until the 11th hour, but I love how they all came together!

  3. Every single polish is gorgeous! I am adding that Bear Polish to my "must buy" list :)

    1. Peek A Boo! is stunning in direct sunlight and the formula is great! You won't be disappointed!

  4. Wow, all five choices are different and beautiful. I loved Starrily and Cup cake polish most.

  5. Fantastic picks! Peek-A-Boo is one of my favorite Bears too :D I really like how you organized the post and listed the collection,description etc along with each polish!

  6. What in Carnation is gorgeous! I must get more cupcake polish.

  7. Awesome polishes, but the 2 pinks are amazeballs ♡

  8. Very nice top five!!! Lovely colors :)

  9. That Cupcake polish has been on my wish list since it came out. So pretty! Babewatch and Ultima have been as well. Great choices.

  10. Love that Delush. It's definitely on my wishlist!

  11. These are all such lovely choices. I don't know how you ladies did it!

  12. Great pics! I love all of those!