Indie Swatch and Review - Candy Land Remix by Jindie Nails

Todays' blog serves a dual purpose. I am swatching and reviewing 'Candy Land Remix' by Jindie Nails and I am also sharing my nail art challenge for August 28th, stripes!

swatch of candy land remix nail polish by jindie nails

This beautiful and fun polish was one of my first indie polish purchases and I knew I had to have it the minute a saw it! Candy Land Remix is a white crelly packed with pink, yellow, green, orange, blue, and purple neon glitter. The glitter comes in several shapes and sizes including large hexagons, tiny circles, and blue microglitter. 

swatch of candy land remix nail polish by jindie nails
Shown is a light layer of 'Candy Land Remix" over a white polish base.

Now, to the review! 'Candy Land Remix' has a consistency that is on the viscous side. Now that I own several white-based crellies and white polishes, I can tell that most (if not all) of these polishes have the same consistency. So, for best results, I applied a light coat of 'Candy Land Remix' over 2 coats of white polish (shown here is 'Snow Me White' by SinfulColors). You may even want to individually place the larger sized glitter with a dotting tool if you like more precision.

On my accent nail (ring finger) I choose to do a waterfall technique using polishes 'Atomic Poppy', 'Lazer Pink' and 'BPM' by Funky Fingers over 'Snow Me White'. And I as mentioned above, this manicure is also my stripes challenge nails for the Californianails August challenge on Instagram!

lazer pink nail polish by funky fingers
Polish shown is 'Lazer Pink' by Funky Fingers.

atomic poppy nail polish by funky fingers
Polish shown is 'Atomic Poppy' by Funky Fingers.

'Candy Land Remix' can be purchased at and starting at $9.50.

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to share your comments. I would love to hear from you!

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