Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Glow Stixs Swatch and Review

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Hello lovely readers! Today I am reviewing the Glow Stixs lip glosses from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics.

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics re-released the Glow Stixs lip glosses in Spring 2018. These are 8 shifty, iridescent lip glosses that can be worn on their own or as a topper. The color shift in these remind me of oil slick (in an abstract, artsy good way!).

If you are a fan or if you have purchased the Glow Stixs in the past, you will notice the new (and larger) packaging (net wt. .14 oz / 4 gm), as well as 6 new shades in addition to Red Dawn and Wicked.

Formula and Wear
These lip glosses apply nicely and do not feel tacky. However, about half of these will just look like clear glosses over nude lips. Also, the wear is a bit short lasting and require some reapplication, even without drinking or eating.

I am showing below bottle swatches of the individual shades in direct and indirect lighting and swatches on my forearm. I was not able to capture the full 'shiftiness' range, but I provide detailed descriptions of what I see in different types of lighting.

This is a soft orange/red lip gloss with green and gold shifts and gold shimmer.

Astrid - direct lighting

Astrid - indirect lighting

This is a teal lip gloss with a  purple-indigo-green shift.

Aurora - direct lighting

Aurora - indirect lighting

This is a green lip gloss a dark green shift and red/gold shimmer.

Cassiopeia - direct lighting

Cassiopeia - indirect lighting

This is a bright pink lip gloss with a purple-green-blue shift.

Nova - direct lighting

Nova - indirect lighting

This is a lime green lip gloss with a light blue-indigo blue shift and gold shimmer.

Pandora - direct lighting

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Red Dawn
Red Dawn is one of the original Glow Stixs. It is an iridescent lip gloss with a reddish-orange-green shift and blue shimmer.

Red Dawn - direct lighting

Red Dawn - indirect lighting

This is a coral lip gloss with an orange-green-indigo blue shift.

Titania - direct lighting

Titania - indirect lighting

Wicked is the other original Glow Stix. This is a light teal lip gloss with a blue-yellow shift.

Wicked - direct lighting

Wicked - indirect lighting
Forearm swatches

Bottle shots collage - direct lighting

Bottle shots collage - indirect lighting

Overall, these are absolutely gorgeous and fun to wear. They are not very pigmented, though, and some of the shades may work best as toppers. My top picks are Titania (favorite!), Astrid, and Nova.

These retail individually for $9.95 US or $64 for the set of 8, and are available here.

Let me know if these Glow Stixs are for you and if you like these trendy lip gloss types!

These products were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Wonderful review. I feel like they would all look amazing over a matte black lippy.

  2. These look so fun! I’m not as adventurous with my lippies but I do appreciate the look.

  3. I wonder if these would be a good alternative to Urban Decay's toppers.

  4. I wish I used lippies more often mine end up collecting dust. I love Aurora, that seems like a cool iridescent.

  5. These are so pretty, but so hard to photograph!