Manic Makeup Monday - Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

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Hello lovely readers! If you've been following my blog for some, you would know that I've exclusively written about nail polish and nail art. However, I've rekindled my love for makeup over that pass year. I stopped wearing makeup for about a decade and I'm learning how to wear and enjoy makeup in my thirties, all while balancing a family and a career.

I've decided to share this journey with you as well and I'm now officially dedicating Monday's blog posts to makeup and beauty products, overall.

makeup swatch and review of the masquerade eye shadow palette by Jesse's Girl Cosmetic

The first product I'll be reviewing in my brand new Manic Makeup Monday blog series is the Masquerade eye shadow palette by Jesse's Girl.

I love Jesse's Girl nail polish, and I was a little disappointed that I was no longer going to be able to grab their products at Rite-Aid after moving to the Midwest s couple of years ago. That's why I was so pleasantly surprise when I spotted this palette at Five Below last week.

From the research I did, I gathered that this palette was first released in spring 2013 and it was repromoted last fall.

To be perfectly honest, the packaging is unapologetically cheap, but in no way is the packaging a reflection of the overall quality. This palette features 30 beautiful shimmers in bold, rich colors. The colors are highly saturated and have a smooth, cream-like, foil quality when applied.

The shades are organized in six rows of five shades each. All of the swatches below were done on my forearm using an eye shadow brush and without primer.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

Row 5

Row 6

Overall, I love this palette. The colors are fun and out of my comfort zone. The palette is super affordable, yet, the quality of the makeup itself was not compromised. I would even consider it one of my favorite drugstore cosmetic brands!

The list of ingredients is minimal, although it does contain mineral oil, which is not exactly environmentally friendly. Despite this, I think you will really enjoy this palette. 

This palette is currently available on the Jesse's Girl site here for $4.99 US. However, I only paid $4.00 at Five Below. 

Thanks for reading and, I hope you pass by again for more of my makeup adventures!

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  1. Lovely colors! There's so much variety!

  2. What a great palette! My kid loves to play with make up. This would be right up her alley. Definitely going to check out Five Below. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. $4.99?!!!!!?!?!?!? I need this. The swatches are so pretty. what a great addition to summer makeup.

  4. For that price, it's cool for the fun colors even if I'll only use them once in a while. So fun!

  5. The colors are really pretty and that's super affordable!

  6. I want this palette so bad!!! The colors, Wow!!!

  7. Very impressive pigmentation for that low price point! I do find that containing mineral oil can make some eyeshadows more intense, so if you don't mind it it can be a good thing.

  8. Oh my gosh! SO many colors for such a great price! :)

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