Mainstream Swatch and Review - JulieG Nails Spring 2017 Pack-1

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Hello lovely readers! JulieG Nails is currently offering 3 different 3-piece packs for Spring 2017. Each pack features 3 cremes in shades that are Spring ready and that carry over beautifully into Summer.

Keep reading for my review of pack-1, comprised of Tropical, Bikini, and Dream In Pretty.

Before I go into my review, let me preface by saying that I used a matte polish as a base coat before applying the polishes. These cremes either neon or neon-like and using a matte polish as base coat helps with self-leveling, as neon cremes can often be streaky.

This is a  turquoise, mint neon creme. I used two thin coats for full opacity and self-leveling. Shown below are two coats plus glossy top coat.

nail polish swatch of Tropical, a mint creme polish by JulieG
JulieG BTropical

This is a pink salmon neon creme. It was a bit more streaky, and required 3 thin coats for full opacity and self-leveling. Shown below are two coats plus glossy top coat.

nail polish swatch of Bikini, a salmon pink creme polish by JulieG
JulieG Bikini

Dream in Pretty
This is a red-leaning, light purple creme. The formula was nice, and it required two thin coats for full opacity.

ail polish swatch of Dream in Pretty, a purple creme polish by JulieG
JulieG Dream in Pretty

Overall, my fellow neon polish lovers will be thrilled with this pack. Some may require up to 3 coats for self-leveling, but the colors are so beautiful and rich, that they are totally worth it.

Spring 2017 pack-1 is available here (special offers section) and it retails for $10.00 US. Each individual polish retails for $3.99, so you will be saving by getting the pack, but hurry because the offer ends on May 31st.

Stay tuned for my reviews of the Spring 2017 pack-2 and pack-3 offerings.

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Products were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I have loved Tropical on everyone I've seen it on!

  2. This trio is so pretty for spring! I adore Tropical.

  3. This trio is the bees knees, for sure!

  4. I'm clearly out of the look- I've never heard of using a matte polish as a base for neons before! This is a pretty trio with Tropical being my favorite!

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