Step-by-Step Nail Art Thursday - Modern Valentine Manicure

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovely readers. On this edition of Step-by-Step Nail Art Thursday I tried to put a Valentine spin on a modern, edgy look.

The Base
For the base, a started with a sexy red polish. Red polishes are my favorite so this was an easy choice....and Valentine! Not so easy was picking one red polish (I own quite a few!) but I ultimately chose Festive from the Candy Cane Cupcake Box by Vapid (sorry, this polish is no longer available).

Shown are two coats of nail polish plus a coat of fast dry, glossy top coat.

nail polish swatch of Festive by Vapid Lacquer
Festive by Vapid Lacquer
The Art
I used red and pink acrylic to complete the nail art for this manicure. You can also use a pink and white cremes for this step, but you will need to work faster as nail polish quickly compared with acrylic paint. 

To start, I used a fine brush to paint half of my nail along the edge with white acrylic paint. I then mixed red and white acrylic until I achieved the desired shade of pink and painted the second half of my nail along the edge. 

The Final Look
I waited 3-5 minutes for the acrylic paint to air dry and I then sealed the paint with a second coat of a fast drying, glossy top coat. 

modern valentine manicure using nail polish Festive by Vapid Lacquer and pink and white acrylic paint

And that's my modern take on Valentine nails. You can play around with the reds and pinks or try an entirely different color scheme for other occasions such as St Patrick's or Easter. 

It may take you a couple of tries to get the edges nice and crisp, but it gets easier with practice. 

I hope you have fun trying out some new Valentine nail art and until next time!

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  1. I love how squishy this polish is!

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  7. I absolutely love this! So unique!

  8. So beautiful, that vapid is gorgeous x

  9. That vapid is gorg! I love an easy nail art too! Adorable!

  10. This is a really pretty polish shade.Definitely a great one for Valentine's Day.

  11. This is fun and different -- way to be creative :-D

  12. So cute, I love that red on you!

  13. I love how you've done pink on one side and white on the other, it really works x