Makeup Swatch and Review - Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Contour and Highlight

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Happy Tuesday! Today I have a different type of post for Lacquerexpression as I am reviewing the new Mega Cushion Highlighter and Contour from Wet n Wild.

The new Mega Cushion Highlight and Contour come in a portable and compact bouncy cushion with a sponge applicator.

These products feature a cushion that is saturated with a lightweight liquid formula. The formula itself blends and builds up easily, which makes it a good choice for beginners and less experienced makeup users like myself.

I'm new to contouring and highlighting and I found that applying the product using the tips of my fingers and then blending using a makeup sponge worked best.

Below is a closer look at the individual products.

Mega Cushion Highlight - This is a soft pearl rose highlighter . The package features an ethereal looking girl with pink hair and highlighted features. Taking a cue from the packaging, I applied this highlighter to my cheekbones and my brow bone. I was pleasantly surprise to see that the highlighter showed off against my medium olive skin tone.

Mega Cushion Highlight by Wet n Wild

review of Mega Cushion Highlight by Wet n Wild

Mega Cushion Contour Cafe au Slay - This is a matted contouring makeup in a medium brown shade. The package features a red hair girl with pronounced cheekbones. I used this product for contouring my inner cheekbones, forehead, and nose. Although I can still use this shade for contouring,  I do not think it will work for women of color with darker skin complexions.

Mega Cushion Contour Cafe au Slay by Wet n Wild

Overall, I love the Mega Cushion Highlight and Contour. If you are like me and you only wear a tinted moisturizer and setting powder, then these products will deliver the contouring and dewy highlighting effects with minimum skills and effort and at a very reasonable price.

Both of these products are available online at Wet n Wild and at Walgreen's. These products retail for $5.99 US.

Have you seen these or tried them out? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. i was on the hunt for so long with no luck :( now I need to hunt new collection did you see it? dying over here

    1. I think they are available online. And I just saw a new beautiful highlighter. I am trying to keep up!