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Hello lovely readers! Today I have 5 polishes from the upcoming Fall collection by Pretty & Polished. Keep reading after the jump for all of the details!

The Fall 2016 collection by Pretty & Polished is comprised of 10 polishes and features thermals, crellies, glitter bombs, flakes, and dusty cremes.

Heavy Metal
This is a full-coverage glitter in a silver-based polish. It features silver microglitter and metallic hex glitters in silver, gold, and copper. It also has features color shifting flakes that appear pink when the light hits them just right! The formula was great. It only required two easy coats for full coverage and self-leveled beautifully. It is a textured polish, so you may want to use a top coat to minimize it. You will also need acetone to remove this polish if you do not use a peel off base coat.

Shown below are two coats plus top coat.

nail polish swatch of Heavy Metal by Pretty & Polished
Heavy Metal by Pretty & Polished

This is a brick orange creme featuring black specks that give it its dusty look! The formula self-leveled nicely and it was opaque after two easy coats. Shown below are two coats plus top coat.

nail polish swatch of Patch by Pretty & Polished
Patch by Pretty & Polished

I Done Plum had it!
This is a bright magenta with purple undertones featuring copper flakies. The formula in this one is a bit thicker compared with the rest of the collection. Nevertheless, application was nice, requiring only two coats for self-leveling and opacity. 

Shown below are two coats plus top coat. 

nail polish swatch of  I Done Plum had it! by pretty & polished
 I Done Plum had it! by Pretty & Polished

Taupe me off and Leaf!
This is a taupe crelly-like creme featuring browns, golds, coppers, and orange hex glitters and microglitters. This one had another great formula, requiring only 2 easy coats to self-level and become opaque. The glitter was beautifully dispersed and the glitter payoff was nice (no fishing!).

Shown are two coats plus top coat.

nail polish of Taupe me off and Leaf! by Pretty & Polished
Taupe me off and Leaf! by Pretty & Polished

Fall in Love a Latte
This is a thermal  creme that features hexagonal matte glitters in brown, orange, mustard, and other typical Fall shades. It also features the black specks from the dusty creme line. This polish is light brown when cold and transitions to off-white when warm. Like the other cremes in this collection, the formula self-leveled nicely and only required two coats for opacity. The glitter payoff was also nice.

Shown below are two coats plus top coat.

nail polish swatch of Fall in Love a Latte by Pretty & Polished
Fall in Love a Latte by Pretty & Polished - cold

Fall in Love a Latte by Pretty & Polished - warm

Also in this collection, per the maker:

Lavendarling is a holo Lavender Polish filled with pink and blue flakes. This polish will turn to a darker blue/purple when cold. The change is subtle but very pretty.

Dark Magic is a dark gray creme holo with metallic purple hex and holo glitters.

Fuzzy Sweater is a mustard yellow creme packed with color shifting flakes.

Riverside Drive is a dark midnight blue creme with blue, silver and dark gray flakes.

Creme De La Creme is a creamy sand shade and another one of our Fall Dusty Cremes!

Overall, I love this collection. I love it so much that I listed my top 5 reasons below:
  1. This collection offers something for everyone while making sure that all of the formulas perform and deliver (deliver, as in, paint your in under 10 minute with minimum clean-up deliver!)
  2. I love that the colors coordinate nicely, which makes it easy to do simple nail art, regardless of skill levels. Patch also stamps and watermarbles (make sure to follow me on Instagram for nail art!)
  3. I love a good creme and the addition of the black specks to the dusty cremes is subtlety genius and unexpected
  4. I love when a thermal does what it is design to do: be one color when cold and another color when warm! No bending backwards to achieve the transition with this thermal!
  5. I freaking love glitter bombs! Please keep them coming
This collection debuted at PolishCon 2016 and will be available online at on Friday, September 23rd. The polishes will retail for:
Color changers - $9 each
Glitters and Flakes - $8.50
Dusty Cremes - $7.50

You will be able to purchase the full collection for $78 (which will qualify domestic orders for free shipping). Also, you get 10% off your Pretty & Polished purchase when you use my code express10.

Are you planning to grab this collection? I would love to hear from you!

Items were sent to me free of charge for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  1. Patch and I Done Plum Had It are my faves! <3 Gorgeous swatches my dear!

  2. I love Patch and Fall in Love a Latte. Patch would make a great Hallowe'en mani with some spiders!

  3. I'm actually wearing I Dont Plum Had It! and I love it so much! It took forever to chip, which makes me a happy camper! <3

  4. Slightly obsessed with Heavy Metal. I might have to grab it. Beautiful swatches!

  5. Patch is going to be my first fall pedicure! I love the dusty cremes so much!

  6. So gorgeous! I always love Pretty & Polished's thermals :)

  7. Heavy Metal is where it's at! Great swatches, this is a cool collection!

  8. So beautiful, I am drawn to all the flakies!

  9. I've Done Plum had It is gorgeous! Great swatches :)

  10. I like Patch a great deal. Beautiful swatches. <3