7 Days of St Patrick's - Day 2

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovely readers! I joined some of my fellow bloggers to bring you a whole week of green polishes just in time for some wonderful St Patrick's Day manicures!  I started a day late so I will make up for it today by sharing 2 of my favorite green polishes from China Glaze. The reveal is right after the jump!

Polish: S'more Fun
Collection: China Glaze's The Great Outdoors
Color: chartreuse green
Finish: crème
Application: 2 smooth coats plus top coat
Original review: here

S’more Fun by China Glaze

Polish: Take a Hike
Collection: China Glaze's The Great Outdoors
Color: dark forest green
Finish: crème
Application: 2 smooth coats plus top coat
Original review: here

Take a Hike by China Glaze

Keep checking in to find out my other reveals and make sure to follow me on Instagram to see my nail art creations using these polishes.

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  1. China Glaze cremes are wonderful, and I love these shades!

  2. Both are gorgeous!!! I love the green undertones in S'more Fun. <3

  3. They're both awesome looking! I'm loving all of your green manis so far!

  4. Fun! I like that they aren't the same ol' same ol' green colors!!!

  5. Love these colors! They look great on you:)

  6. Oooh, S'more Fun is so original! I need to find Take A Hike- that deep green is lovely!

  7. These are lovely! S'more Fun looks like it would be a polish for me, chartreuse always gets to me. Awesome swatches!

  8. I love S'More Fun..."ugly" bright greens are my favorite!

  9. Take a Hike is my kinda green! I can't wear the chartreuse greens, they bring out the yellowness in my skin. Which sucks cause I do love the way those bright greens look on the bottles and on other people. It looks great on you!