Mainstream Swatch and Review - Halloween 2015 Collection from SinfulColors (partial)

Nothing to Disclose

Hi lovely readers! Today I have swatches and review of the Halloween 2015 collection from SinfulColors.

The collection is comprised of 4 new glitter toppers (Skele-bration, Go Batty, Devil’s Stare, and Cold Stone) and several recycled polishes in a variety of colors and finishes. Today I am reviewing the 4 new glitter toppers and Copper Pot, a copper metallic that was originally released in Spring 2015.

Go Batty
This glow-in-the dark (GITD) polish features crescent moon-shaped glitter in a translucent light blue  base. I guess you can make the connection between moons and bats, but I would have loved to have seen actual bats in this polish! The base and larger glitter did not agree with each other, making it hard to get the glitter out of the bottle. I got the polish to GITD after shining a light on it, but the glow was pretty subtle. Shown below are 3 coats over Silver Canvas from OPI plus top coat.

Go Batty by SinfulColors

Macro view of Go Batty by SinfulColors

GITD view of Go Batty by SinfulColors

This GITD glitter topper features cross-bone shapes in a translucent green base. Again, getting the glitter to come out of the bottle was pretty frustrating. Also, the GITD effect was subtle and only after shining a light on the polish. Shown below are 4 coats (sorry, I just kept going!) over a coat of Snow Me White (also from SinfulColors) plus top coat.

Skele-bration by SinfulColors

Macro view of Skele-bration by SinfulColors

GITD view of Skele-bration by SinfulColors

Devil’s Stare
This jelly glitter topper features opalescent hex glitter, microglitter and flakies in a cherry red base. It reminds me of Horizon Shine from Spring 2015 (reviewed here) but without the flakies. Shown below is 1 easy coat over Picante (also from SinfulColors) plus top coat.

Devil’s Stare by SinfulColors

Macro view of Devil’s Stare by SinfulColors

Stone Cold
This jelly glitter topper features silver microshimmer, small silver glitter, and larger black hex glitter in a bluish gray base. Shown below is 1 easy coat over Cool Gray (also from SinfulColors) plus top coat.

Cold Stone by SinfulColors

Macro view of Cold Stone by SinfulColors

Copper Pot
This is a metallic copper polish with subtle micro shimmer and micro flakies. The formula on this one is amazing and it could easily be a 1 coater if applied carefully. Shown below are 2 easy coats plus top coat.

Copper Pot by SinfulColors

Macro view of Copper Pot by SinfulColors

Overall, I feel this collection is ok! Devil’s Stare is absolutely gorgeous and I will be using it again. The standout from this collection, however, is Copper Pot. The color and formula are amazing and I am happy SinfulColors decided to feature it again since I missed it earlier in the year!

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  1. Copper pot and Devil's stare look like must haves!

  2. Stone Cold and Copper Pot are really stand out to me. I definitely like Devil's Stare better over an undie. It was a bit much for me on its' own! I love your swatches and that macro of Copper Pot is awesome!

    1. Ahh, I didn't even bother searching Devil's Stare on its own but I loved it over an undie!

  3. Replies
    1. They are but they re a pain to get out of the bottle!!!!

  4. I'm not sure about those big glitters, I would keep picking at them lol. I love devils stare

  5. I'm digging Copper Pot. I haven't seen these in any stores here. :(

  6. I'm not a huge fan of the huge unusual glitters in the first two. But the rest are pretty.

  7. The toppers don't do much for me but I love Copper Pot!

  8. I need to get my hands on Devil's Stare, because, well, duh. ;-)