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Hello readers! Today I am reviewing the Purrfect Shine Quick Dry Top Coat (QDTP) and Purrfect Matte top coats from Sassy Cats Lacquer.

I had briefly used these two top coats earlier in the year, but I put them to the test in this floral manicure.

Purrfect Shine QDTP 
I used the Purrfect Shine QDTP glossy top coat over 3 coats of Too Yatch to Handle by China Glaze. This iconic China Glaze shade is very streaky, but the top coat smoothed out the application very nicely. It also dries really fast, which is something I go for with my glossy top coats.

I then used Purrfect Shine QDTP to create nail decals using a reversed stamping technique. For this
technique, I stamped my image, filled in the image while on the stamped, and applied a layer of top coat over the filled in stamped image.

I finished the manicure by applying one more layer of Purrfect Shine QDTP after placing the nail decals. [Note: I did not wait long enough between steps, which resulted in some smearing. This was user error, and not something I usually experience with this top coat.]

Sassy Cats Lacquer Purrfect Shine Quick Dry Top Coat

Purrfect Matte Top Coat
Once the glossy top coat was dry to the touch, I applied a layer of Purrfect Matte to transform my manicure from glossy to matte.

Sassy Cats Lacquer Matte Top Coat

Overall, these two top coats are lovely. If you love doing nail art and need a top coat that will not smear, then I highly recommend these two.

The Purrfect Shine QDTP and Matte top coats retail for $7 each (15 ml) and are
available at the Sassy Cats Lacquer site here.

These products were sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I'm always on the look out for a good top coat and matte top coat. Great review!

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