Step-by-Step Nail Art Thursday - Fall Leaf Manicure

Nothing to Disclose

Hello lovely readers! Happy Thursday and Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the United States. Step-by-Step Nail Art Thursday is back with a Fall manicure.

The Base
For this Fall themed manicure, I chose two earthy shade: Fuzzy Sweater, a mustard yellow creme with multichrome flakies from Pretty & Polished and CoCo Berry, a deep brownish plum shade from Polish my Life.

nail polish bottle macro of Fuzzy Sweater by Pretty & Polish
Fuzzy Sweater by Pretty & Polish

Nail polish bottle macro of CoCo Berry by Polish my Life
CoCo Berry by Polish my Life
The Accent Stamps
For the accent nails, I stamped using the Halloween-01 plate from UberChic Beauty, San Vicente nail polish by Cult Cosmetics (no longer in business), and a stamper from Fab Ur Nails. I filled in the stamped leaf images with a fine art brush using the flakie multichrome polish Supernova Holo by Starrily. I this polish because the flakies matched those in Fuzzy Sweater and I like bringing at least one element that will tie my manicure together.

I sealed my stamped images with a quick dry top coat and allowed it to dry completely before moving forward.

Stamper from Fab Ur Nails and San Vicente from Cult Cosmetics

Supernova Holo by Starrily

Macro of accented nail leaf stamp design
Macro of accented leaf stamp design
The Final Look
Once the nail polish dried completely, I finished off the look below by applying a coat of OPI's matte top coat.

Step-by-Step Nail Art Thursday Fall Leaf Manicure

More information on the products used for this look can be found at: 

Thank you very much for reading!

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  1. Those leaves are gorgeous! Flakies leafies! :)

  2. Fuzzy Sweater is such a good polish! I love that you used it here. Accents the nail art perfectly.

  3. Gorgeous design! I guess I better do my fall leaves nail art asap since its almost December already. Yikes!

  4. Very pretty. Like the stamping and color combo

  5. Perfect stamping! I love how you've used Supernova on the leaves.

  6. Your design is stunning! I love the matte finish on it!

  7. Your colors and images are just perfect for fall! Lovely :)

  8. I really love fuzzy sweater with the matte coat.

  9. With summer here, I would like to see some neon manicures. I have neon polish but don't know how to make them pop or good color combinations. nail art san jose prices