Indie Nail Care Review - Morning Star Nails cuticle balm and oils

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Hi there lovely readers! Debuting on the blog today are the cuticle oils and balms from Canadian indie maker Morning Star Nails!

Handmade cuticle oils and balms from Morning Star Nails

I have been following Morning Star Nails since it opened shop in Spring 2015. Founded by a fellow nail polish fanatic, the shop offers an array of high quality nail and cuticle care products that are handmade with essential oils. Today I am reviewing the Peony cuticle balm and oil and the Orange Creamsicle cuticle oil.

The cuticle oils
The Peony and Orange Creamsicle cuticle oils have a light formula that moisturize and sooth while absorbing very quickly. The oils come in a slick vial similar to that of lip gloss! I really like this because it makes it easy for me to put it in my bag or purse and reapply all day long! To apply, dab a small amount onto your cuticles and nails and massage the area until it is all absorbed.

The cuticle balm
The Peony cuticle balm comes in a .25 oz small round jar. The balm is very rich without being greasy and the tiniest amount is sufficient to moisturize and sooth the cuticle area. To apply, use the back of your fingers to retrieve a tiny amount from the jar and massage onto your cuticle until it is all absorbed.

The scents
This scent features peony essential oil with a blend of hyacinth and rose essential oils. This floral scent is very delicate and feminine.

Orange Creamsicle
This scent features orange essential oil. It has subtle sweet undertones that bring back memories of delicious childhood treats and it does so while still remaining fresh and sophisticated.

Below are my naked nails to show me how nice the oils are absorbed.

Handmade cuticle oil from Morning Star Nails
Morning Star Nails Orange Creamsicle cuticle oil on naked nails

Handmade cuticle oils and balms from Morning Star Nails
Morning Star Nails cuticle oils and cuticle balm

Handmade cuticle oils and balms from Morning Star Nails
Macro of Morning Star Nails cuticle oils and cuticle balm

Overall, I love the cuticle oils and balms from Morning Star Nails. The products perform beautifully and feel luxurious. The 2 scents I got are very different from each other and I love them both, but Orange Creamsicle is so unique and fresh that I highly recommend you start out with this sent!  I will go back for more of these as well as other scents on my growing wish list!

The cuticle oils and balms each sell for $3.88 at Morning Star Nails' Etsy shop. My order was fulfill really fast and the shipping took about a week to arrive to the Midwest. 

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to comment below!


  1. I love a good cuticle care post!

  2. I love cuticule oil ! I have a lot everywhere in the house !

  3. I love Morning Star! Her lemon cuticle oil goes with me everywhere :) I'm going to have to try the cuticle balm, I absolutely love citrus scents!