Swatch and Review - OPI Color Paint Collection Part II

Hello lovely readers! Today I have Part II of the review of OPI's Color Paint collection.

In Part II I will be sharing swatches and reviews of Landscape Artist, Pen and Pink, Indigo Motif and Turquoise Aesthetic. Swatches and reviews of Purple Perspective, Magenta Muse, Chromatic Orange, and Primarily Yellow can be found here.

Below is my summary of the collection:

  • The formulas have a (somewhat thick) jelly-like consistency  
  • The colors are highly pigmented and can stain
  • The colors build up quickly and most will become opaque after 2 coats 
  • They can be used on their own as well as with the Silver Canvas
  • I had issues when I used them directly over my regular base coat (Yellow Stopper) so you may want to skip this step

For the swatches, I did 1 and 2 coats with or without the Silver Canvas base coat. Also, swatches are shown without any top coat.

Landscape Artist - starts out as a lime green and quickly builds up to a forest green in 2 coats

One coat of Landscape Artist with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Two coats of Landscape Artist with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Pen and Pink - a dark berry shade that is pretty opaque on its own after 1 coat

One coat of Pen and Pink with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Two coats of Pen and Pink with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Indigo Mofit - a deep shade of indigo blue that quickly intensifies in 2 coats (warning: this shade stains)
One coat of Indigo Motif with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Two coats of Indigo Motif with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Turquoise Aesthetic - a green turquoise that quickly intensifies in 2 coats (warning: this shade stains)
One coat of Turquoise Aesthetic with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Two coats of Turquoise Aesthetic with or without Silver Canvas base coat

Overall, I really like this collection. As first, I only cared for the polishes applied over Silver Canvas but there are several I would wear on their own (eg, Magenta Muse). Furthermore, using these polishes for nail art quickly becomes addictive!

Stay tuned for some nail art in Part III of my review and feel free to comment below. I love reading your comments!

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