Indie Swatch and Review - Shine Spark 80's Kids Collection

Hi loves! Today on the blog I have another fantastic collection from 5-free indie polish maker Shine Spark. Read below to find out more about the 80's Kids collection!

The 80's Kid collection features 7 super fun and super bright neon cremes with a subtle shimmer. Overall, the formulas for these were very consistent. Most self-leveled beautifully and only require 2 coats for full opacity without the need for a white base. Thus far, by best experience using creme neons!!!! 

Shown below are individual swatches. For all, I used 2 coats, no undie, and top coat (Seche Vite).

Bouncin' Blue.  This blue is pretty bright and has a very nice formula. A subtle shimmer can be appreciated.

Psych'd Purple. This purple creme is so smooth and bright! I'm in love! And just like her fraternal twin sister Max Splash, this one is one of my favorite shade. A subtle shimmer can also be appreciated. 

Outrageous Orange. This orange creme is a true highlighter neon shade. It was a bit streaky like most neon formulas, but it levels out nicely with a good top coat. I base coat might also help.

Yuppie Yellow. The yellow creme in the collection has a similar formula to Outrageous Orange (a bit streaky). Yet, a beautiful, bright, and true highlighter neon shade!

Glam Green. Do I really need to describe this gorgeousness? Another true highlighter neon with a very nice formula and application. A subtle shimmer can also be appreciated.

Pumped Pink. Just like her fraternal twin Ballerina Bunny, this awesomeness of a polish is one of my favorite in the collection.  Another true highlighter neon shade with a very nice formula. 

Radical Red. I saved my favorite for last!!!!  Beautiful, bright neon shade, with a very nice formula! A subtle shimmer can be appreciated.

This collection is beautiful, bright, and fun! And the formulas deliver! I look forward to doing a lot nail art with these and to reading your opinions on this collection!


  1. I love how beautiful and bright these are! They're prefect for summer or even for a pick me up in the winter. They would be nice for a pedicure as well.

    1. Sorry I missed your post! I looove this collection! I have so many untried polishes that are gorgeous but I keep coming back to these!

    2. It's okay. I also have a lot of untried polishes as well but I keep accumulating more LOL! I can see why you keep on returning to these ones. They're beautiful.