Swatch and Review - SinfulColors 2014 Halloween Collection

Hello reader! There are only 5 days left until Halloween and I'm getting into the spirit of the festivities by sharing Halloween themed nail art and collections throughout the week. Today I have the SinfulColors Halloween 2014 collection.

This collection is comprised of 3 glitter toppers all in a clear base. Starting off the collection is 'Cauldron Couture'. This glitter contains metallic black hexagons in several sizes as well as metallic green hexagons and shards. I am showing it here over 2 coats of 'Cool Gray', also from SinfulColors Professionals. 

Next up is 'Splatter Spell'. This glitter is comprised of medium size copper hexagons and shards as well as black hexagons and tiny circles. Also shown here over 2 coats of 'Cool Gray'.

The last glitter is 'Mystery Moonshine' and it's my favorite of the collection. This one is full of metallic purple, copper, and green shards. Shown here over 2 coats of 'Picante' from the SinfulShine line.

Overall, I really like the collection. The polishes are full of glitter, so no need to go fishing around for them. I also see myself using 'Mystery Moonshine' again during some non-Halloween occasion. If you get these polishes, what did you think of the collection? I would love to hear so and as always, thanks for reading!

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